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The Walkabout Active Lifestyle

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The Walkabout Active Lifestyle

How to turn a regular walk into a “Total Body Walking Exercise” solution

Mike Gates is a well known Northern NSW local whose passion to lead a healthy and active lifestyle has been the inspiration behind the creation of Walkabout Active and he has become known to many as ‘The Walking Wizard.’ 

Previously known to residents of the Tweed Shire as the co-owner for 26yrs of the popular Tweed Fitness Centre, Mike is the first person ever to complete a 2000 kilometres walk from Melbourne to Brisbane in just 22 days using poles. He loves pushes into new boundaries with no-limits where others seldom go.

If you are local to the Tweed and Gold Coast regions, you may have noticed Walkabout Active as you were scrolling through your social media pages but never really understood what it’s all about… Have I peaked your interest? Keep reading…

Walkabout Active Lifestyle

An expert in fitness, health and wellness for over 30yrs, Mike knows of an easier way to get the world moving to halt the alarming decline in health and fitness. Obesity is now more than ever affecting so many in our communities, specifically in the over 50’s population who are at high risk of cardiac disease and type 2 diabetes. Mike thinks outside of the box when it comes to encouraging health and fitness in the community and combats obesity through his Walkabout Active programs.

Walkabout Active is a Fusion of the Exerstrider Method + Nordic Walking + Pole Walking. Walkabout Active combines the above methods to individually suit each client and their specific needs. Client goals are also taken into consideration when the program is being created. Walkabout provides education, encouragement and empowerment to their clients with a personalised, detailed program. 

This total body walking solution utilises “F.I.R.C” Functional Integrated Resistance & Cardio conditioning which totally tones and tunes your body with every step or stride you take.

Read more about our methods by clicking here. Adding Poles to a simple walk could be the solution you’ve been looking for when it comes to reaching your health and wellness goals. It is an easy, inexpensive, fun /feel good way to tackle a very serious problem. Consider our ageing population, factor in the nation’s declining health and on top of that the spiralling associated medical costs that go hand in hand with injuries and illnesses. “So many of our children are also at high risk of prematurely developing major lifestyle linked illnesses,” says Mike.

Simply by involving the arms through using the specifically designed poles, a walker now can activate their upper body muscles as well as the lower body muscles which in turn increases their training effect significantly as now 90% of the bodies muscles are working. Using poles on your walk removes up to 26% impact load off the hip,& knees joints and the lower back whilst decreasing any pain and strain. This makes it the perfect activity for those that can’t jog or run, but want similar health and fitness benefits. Many of our elderly will enjoy the added balance and stability and it will significantly reduce the risk of falls and potential injuries. Walking with poles is also a great alternative way to exercise for anyone that suffers with any joint pain or orthopaedic problems.

Being the Managing Director of Community Fitness Australia, Mike has been a driving force since 2001 in establishing and developing this enhanced WalkAbout Active “Total Body Walking Exercise Method”. Our walking wizard has been implementing the standards of education to fitness and health professionals, both nationally and internationally. He has been consulting and advising Government Health Departments and Community Health Organisations throughout Australia with added focus in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. They have supported and endorsed his way of walking “it’s better on poles” pilot programs, implementing them in regional Community health and fitness programs throughout their communities.

WalkAbout Active “Total Body Walking Exercise Method” is the feel good fun, friendly and functional physical activity. Best practised in the great outdoors, it’s an easy way to get our communities moving, to enjoy life more and live healthier in the simplest, most efficient and cost effective manner. “I don’t believe in suffering to get fit! It’s got to be fun with the feel-good factor and not a feeling of being flogged…” explains Mike.

“My main focus is establishing & setting up community-based WalkAbout Active Clubs, both nationally and internationally.  With a core focus on the over 50’s population getting them up & active and socialising within a fun, friendly and totally supportive environment. My mission is to educate and encourage our ageing population to move more often in simpler ways but more effectively to enhance a healthier, energised lifestyle. We want to empower people with functional movement, motivation and mentor them on how walking with poles is the world’s best all-gain, no-pain physical activity.”

Walking with Poles can be done anytime, anywhere, by anyone, from professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts to the elderly, the young, children and families, regardless of fitness or health levels. The physical activity has also proven beneficial for those with diabetes, osteoporosis, arthritis, Parkinson’s , victims of stroke , those with balance issues, and heart problems.

Mike was one of the first fully accredited International Master Coaches in the world where he studied in Multi-techniques of walking with poles such as the Nordic Walking “European” Method in 2001, the Exerstrider “Total Body Walking” Method in 2010 and the Pole Walking “Inclusive” Method in 2004. Now he has incorporated all of the styles to create the WalkAbout Active “Total Body Walking Exercise Solution” his motto is “Get on Poles to get off your Pills”

Stay tuned to the blog as we have an exciting epic adventure coming up in November. Mike is going to tackle one of Australia’s toughest walk’s whilst supporting one of his long term training clients who’s 73 yrs old in their third attempt to conquer, The Australian Alpine Wilderness Track.

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