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Benefits why “It’s Better on Poles”

By simply using specially-designed poles without straps or with straps to involve the arms which activates more muscles in the upper body, walkers achieve a total body movement with significantly increased health and fitness benefits Total Body Walking solutions achieve:
  • Enhance calorie burning by 20%- 50% sometimes more = time effective weight loss.
  • 90% of total body muscles are being used.
  • Increases balance and stability (from 2 feet to 4 feet stance) reducing falls & injury.
  • Removes up to 26% load impact of lower hip, knees joints and lower back decreasing the pain & strain.
  • Improves upright body posture and alignment as poles support the bodies trunk.
  • Increase cardio fitness conditioning by 20-46% compared to a normal walk/jog.
  • Increase muscle endurance and toning of the upper body, especially the muscles of the abdominal
  • Benefits gained regardless of current levels of fitness and health.
  • All the above achieved at a lesser rate of perceived effort.
  • Reduced symptoms in neck, shoulder and lower back.
  • Uses “cross crawling” motor skills of the brain to increase effective co-ordination with walking rhythm.
  • Enhances favourable changes in mood state reducing stress levels more effectively.
  • Assist in Cardiac rehabilitation
  • Assist in Rehabilitation with many medical conditions, Parkinson’s, orthopedic surgery, heart surgery, cancer surgery and many more…. peripheral vascular disease (bad cramping of your leg muscles when exercising), fibromyalgia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
  • Assist in Chronic Disease Management like diabetes, arthritis, neuromuscular and cardiovascular-related diseases and many more.

WalkAbout Active “Its Better on Poles” can be done by everybody, anytime, anywhere, from professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts to the elderly, the young, children and families, regardless of fitness or health levels.

“Total Body Walking” is great for individuals who…

  • Can’t jog or run, but want similar health & fitness benefits.
  • Want to lose weight more effectively without the pain & strain.
  • Suffer balance, stability or mobility issues caused by medical problems.
  • Have joint pain and orthopedic problems.
  • Need a safe form of rehabilitation exercise.
  • Need a time efficient physical activity that gets great results.
  • Don’t enjoy exercising in the 4 walls of a Gym box and enjoy being in nature in the great outdoors.
  • Enjoy the social company of others.
  • Are seeking a unique functional method of cross-training activity.

WalkAbout Active “Its Better on Poles” is the best all-in-one physical activity in the world, practiced in the great outdoors, the perfect way to get communities moving.

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